About Cool Game Store

We have built CoolGameStore.com because we want to provide gamers with a Cool Game Store where they can buy (and sell) new and used games at reasonable prices.

Q: Why is Cool Game Store so cool?

A: Well, we feel that we've solved some problems many gamers face when buying games online.

Q: What problems are those?

A: We have found that most online videogame stores only have limited information about the item you're interested in, especially if it's a preowned video game. Even more importantly, you just don't know the actual condition of the game that you are interested in purchasing. You are also unlikely to know what is actually included with your preowned game until you receive it.

That's where CoolGameStore.com comes in!

First of all, we offer a great selection of new and used games. The really cool part is that we offer different variations of the game you are looking for.

The two main selection criteria for games are: "game condition", and "game includes".

The "game condition" will typically be one of the following:

  • New
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Refurbished (Example: professionally resurfaced CD)

We will typically consider a new item as complete, so to see the pricing you would click on "New" and also click on "Complete". You may then add the item to your shopping cart (if it is currently in stock) or add it to your wish list.

However for example, a pre-owned game might just be a "loose copy" and not include a manual or case. Or it may just include a box, case or manual. Or it may be complete.

Some examples of "game includes" options:

  • Box

CoolGameStore.com shows all of the variations possible and the price of the particular combination of variables when available. We also include a photo which represents the specific variation you have selected along with the associated pricing. Most items on our site will have a combination of options you can choose from. As you click on the different options, you'll see different prices, and different images which represent that particular combination.

You will also see how many of a particular variation are currently in stock. Now that's pretty cool!

We have put in a lot of extra effort to provide this information for our valued customers. So feel free to play around by clicking the game condition and game includes combinations.

Let us know if you have any difficulties selecting the variance options and also let us know if you think it's cool too!